Peugeot 406

since 1996 release

Repair and operation of the car

Peugeot 406
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   - 1.1. Introduction
      1.1.1. If the engine is not started and the starter does not work
      1.1.2. Start from an external source (other car)
      1.1.3. If the engine is not started even if the starter works normally
      1.1.4. Check of tightness of connections
      1.1.5. Towage
      1.1.6. Places of weekly check
      1.1.7. General dashboard
      1.1.8. Remote infrared control
      1.1.9. Identification card
      1.1.10. Blocking of back doors from opening by children
      1.1.11. Remote radio control by blocking of doors
      1.1.12. Lever of opening of the hatch of a mouth of the fuel tank
      1.1.13. Electronic anticreeping system
      1.1.14. Fuel supply shutdown valve
      1.1.15. Catalytic converter
      1.1.16. The dashboard (cars with the petrol and diesel engine)
      1.1.17. Dashboards (cars with the petrol engine)
      1.1.18. The dashboard (cars with the automatic transmission)
      1.1.19. Dashboards (cars with the diesel engine)
      1.1.20. Dashboard signaling devices
      1.1.21. Windshield screen wiper
      1.1.22. Electric heater of back glass and external rear-view mirrors
      1.1.23. Adjustment of provision of a steering wheel
      1.1.24. On-board computer
      1.1.25. Heating and ventilation
      1.1.26. Air conditioner
      1.1.27. Automatic conditioner of air
      + 1.1.28. Safety cushions
      1.1.29. Hours, panel illumination
      1.1.30. Transmission
      1.1.31. Speed regulator
      + 1.1.32. Electric equipment
      1.1.33. Wheels and tires
      1.1.34. Towage of the car
      1.1.35. Identification data
      1.1.36. Technical characteristics
      1.1.37. Fuel consumption of cars
      1.1.38. Autoradio tape recorder 4030
      1.1.39. The autoradio tape recorder with the CD player 4050
      1.1.40. Control of devices of external lighting
      1.1.41. Adjustment of seats
      1.1.42. Adjustment of headlights
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engine
+ 4. Cooling systems, heating and ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. System of ignition
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Power shafts
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Main malfunctions

1.1.20. Dashboard signaling devices


Constantly included signaling device demonstrates violation of working capacity or refusal of the corresponding knot or system of the car.

Signaling device of turning on of the parking brake and falling of level of brake fluid

The signaling device burns at the switched-on or not completely switched off parking brake and when falling level of brake fluid in a tank below an admissible limit (the signaling device remains in the included state and after full switching off of the parking brake). At inclusion of a signaling device immediately stop and remove the cause of its fire.

Central signaling device of malfunction

It is connected with a signaling device of pressure drop of oil in the engine. At inclusion of a signaling device immediately stop.

Signaling device of the category of the accumulator

The signaling device lights up at:

 – refusal of an electric chain of a charge of the battery;
 – weakening of fastening of plugs of the accumulator or starter;
 – break or weakening of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator;
 – failure of the generator.

Signaling device of malfunction of ABS

The signaling device burns at violation of operability of ABS. At the same time the brake system works in the usual mode.

Signaling device of pressure drop of oil in the engine

It is connected with the central signaling device of malfunction. At inclusion of a signaling device immediately stop. The signaling device lights up with an insufficient pressure of oil or its absence in the engine lubrication system. If necessary add oil to necessary level.

Signaling device of falling of level of cooling liquid

At inclusion of a signaling device immediately stop. Before share cooling liquid let's cool down to the engine. Keep in mind that in the cooling system there is excessive pressure. Before removal of a cover of a broad tank turn it at first to the first tag to reduce pressure in system.

Indicator of inclusion of candles of an incandescence of the diesel engine

Start the engine only after the indicator goes out.

Signaling device of hit of water in the filter of diesel fuel (depending on the country of delivery)

Urgently remove water from the filter for what address on HUNDRED. Failure of the fuel pump of high pressure is possible.

Signaling device of automatic onboard system of diagnostics of the engine

The signaling device lights up at violation of operability of system of injection of fuel or system of ignition. If the car is equipped with catalytic converter, its damage is possible.

Index of temperature of cooling liquid

The provision of an arrow in the middle of a scale corresponds to the normal temperature of the engine. Temperature increase of cooling liquid can be caused by the following reasons:

 – failure of the electric fan. Check safety locks and replace faulty;
 – leak of cooling liquid. Check liquid level on the cooled-down engine. Before removal of a cover of a broad tank turn it at first to the first tag to reduce pressure in the cooling system;
 – failure of the water pump;
 – weakening of a tension or rupture of a driving belt.

Signaling device of the minimum level of fuel in a tank

The signaling device joins if the fuel rest in a tank does not exceed 7 liters. Capacity of a tank makes about 70 liters.

Signaling device of extreme wear of blocks of forward brakes

If the signaling device lit up, then at the first opportunity replace brake shoes.

Signaling device of an open door

It will burn until all doors are not densely closed.

Forward safety cushions

Side safety cushions

Signaling devices burn during 6 sec. after inclusion of ignition, then die away. Malfunction of a safety cushion is possible if:

 – the signaling device does not light up at inclusion of ignition;
 – the signaling device does not die away in 6 seconds;
 – the signaling device blinks within 5 minutes, and then remains included.

Sound signal, alarm system light of headlights, indexes of turns

If at the switched-off external lighting to press the lever (it is specified by an arrow) towards itself, then dimensional lamps will light up or passing beam of headlights will be turned on. In the latter case it is not necessary to overcome efforts of the limiter. The alarm system light of headlights turns on also at the switched-off ignition.